Greetings! You've found my homepage. I'm David Killoren and I'm a philosopher. I teach at Northwestern University. Before coming to Northwestern, I was in a postdoctoral position at Coastal Carolina University, which is located just outside of Myrtle Beach, SC. 

I specialize in moral philosophy. My current work focuses on five main topics: moral realismanimal ethics; the ethics of charity; political ethics; and moral dilemmas (i.e., conflicts among moral obligations). Check my research page for further details.

I have experience in teaching a wide range of undergraduate courses; see my teaching page for details. At Northwestern, my position is connected with the Brady Program in Ethics and Civic Life, a three-year undergraduate course of study, where I work with Richard Kraut and Kyla Ebels-Duggan. At Coastal Carolina, I worked in the Jackson Family Center for Ethics & Values, a leadership program for outstanding students in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. I've served as the principal advisor for two student groups: Coastal Humanists and Coastal Aesthetes. I also have experience as an Ethics Bowl coach.

I did my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I defended my dissertation in May 2012, with Russ Shafer-Landau as my advisor. Dan Hausman and Rob Streiffer were also on my diss. committee.

I run Philosophy TV, the website I founded with my Wisconsin friends John Basl, Jonathan Lang, and Brynn Welch.

I regularly participate in the Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress. I also like the conferences put on by Marcus Arvan in connection with his group blog, the Philosopher's Cocoon. And I'm a big fan of the Metaethics Workshop so I try to attend whenever possible.

As long as you are not one of my students, you are welcome to follow me on Facebook, where I like to talk about philosophy, politics, art, education, and so on.

You can contact me at

                                                        The photos above are by Nick McKinney (top) and Rob Streiffer (bottom).